Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy: It's All About Me!

Hi!... I'm Happy... I'm always Happy... Today I'm happy because it's all about me!

Macgellan and I just did a presentation at YTI -- York Technical Institute -- that rocked!

I was a little freaked out by hearing his voice sounding so loud and coming from big black boxes that were everywhere, but a really nice lady was super sweet to me and I got over it.

I still don't do so well with applause, but since I think it means Macgellan has done something good I'll learn to live with it!

Whenever we've done presentations before, Macgellan has talked about dogs but not so much about me in particular.

I've heard him say my name a few times, but all I've ever seen on the screen have been photos of my former SPKennel pack mates.

This time, he talked almost the whole time about me... It really was all about me!

When his talk was over, practically everybody wanted to take a photo with me. (We celebrities call that a "photo-op" in case you didn't know!) We also gave out a bunch of my really cool stuff: My souvenir cards, my collector's postcards and even my official fan wristbands!

I don't want you to think all my celebrity status has gone to my head, because there really isn't room in my head for much besides what little is already there. But, a girl likes to feel special and be the center of attention, right?

Macgellan says we've got more "gigs" coming up soon... So stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Being the center of attention is never an easy thing.
Relax, breath deeply and enjoy the moment.
YOU are an inspiration that people need in their lives.
Enjoy the ride!