Sunday, April 06, 2014

US Hwy 70: Eastern North Carolina

Heading inland from the coast, US70 is a boring but benign divided four-lane thoroughfare. The roadway is almost entirely flat as it passes through expanses of sparse southern pines and the occasional crossroads town.

I was happy simply to be on the move and listening to my current book on tape. (I’m finishing up an excellent reading of David Copperfield)

There wasn’t anything on view outside that warranted a photo, but I couldn’t resist grabbing an over-the-shoulder shot of Happy in her backseat lair.

It’s a little blurry, but you can clearly see that she quickly settled into her own “road mode” in which she was lights out within minutes and stayed that way for the entire day’s drive. What a road dog!

We stopped in the Chapel Hill area and have spent a very nice weekend with my brother and his family.

Yesterday morning, I watched my brother “herding kittens” as he refereed a nine-year-old girls soccer game.

After that we had the requisite barbecue feast and recovered from our food comas all afternoon.

We hung out together today, and I took full advantage of their offer to use their laundry room! This evening we had an excellent dinner at The Eddy restaurant, which is located in a repurposed old textile mill. Jessica took very good care of us as we gobbled up sous chef Dakota Marcoplos' delicious creations!

Happy and I will be continuing inland tomorrow... Stay tuned!

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