Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy: I Went To Jail!

Hi!... I'm Happy... I'm always Happy... Today I'm happy I went to jail!

Macgellan and I are in Atlanta, where a group called Canine CellMates runs a great program to rescue dogs from death row and pair them with inmates at the Fulton County Jail, to be socialized, trained and readied for adoption.

When Macgellan told them we were in town, they invited us to visit them in jail and tell my story!

Macgellan did all the talking, of course, and showed them lots of photos and videos. I had a great time hanging out with the guys, getting tons of pats and giving them my best photo-op smile.

The Canine CellMates program is really good for canines and humans, so maybe you could like them on Facebook, send something from their Amazon Wish List or even throw them a bone!

We will be in Atlanta over the weekend, then head north to continue our road trip along US Hwy 70.

If we'll be passing through or near your town and you'd like us to tell my story to your school, group, company, etc., just let us know... Macgellan is pretty good at telling my story, and I'm the best at getting pats!

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Joanne from upstate NY said...

This sounds like a great program!