Friday, April 25, 2014

US Hwy 70: Into The Smoky Mountains

I rolled out of Asheville in good order this morning, heading northwest into the Smoky Mountains. After two beautiful weather days I was a little disappointed by the haze, then reminded myself that there's a reason they call them the Smoky Mountains! (Memo to self: Don't be an idiot.)

The four-lane road soon gave way to a two-lane affair that was narrow, steep and twisty in spots, but overall very enjoyable. My dash-cam doesn't always capture the scenery at its best, but it's the best I can do while keeping my eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

I crossed the state line and stopped for lunch at a classic little diner in Newport, TN. Do yourself a favor and click on the photos below to check out the ambiance, characters and menu!

While enjoying a tasty BLT sandwich, I read up about the area and decided Newport is a good base of operations for Smoky Mountains exploration. So, I've parked my rig in a nice campground and settled in for a couple of days... Stay tuned!

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