Saturday, November 04, 2017

US93: Wickenburg AZ - Las Vegas NV

US93 north of Wickenburg is a typical Arizona affair: Scrub brush desert as far as the eye can see, or at least until the distant mountains get in the way. It was overcast in the early morning, making the lighting pretty flat. As the morning wore on, the sun came out and things brightened up considerably.

There are signs indicating that US93 will one day be I-11. This makes sense because it is the main thoroughfare between the two burgeoning metroplexes of Phoenix and Las Vegas. There are places where it is obvious the road has nearly been brought up to interstate standards, with divided highways and high speed exits.

There are other places where it is just as obvious that a lot of work will need to be done before it will be an interstate. As usual, I am happy to be driving it while it is still mostly a two-lane road.

There's a short stint where US93 is joined with I-40 going into the crossroads town of Kingman. I've been there so many times -- on Route 66 and several I-40 crossings -- that it was only worth a quick pit stop. US93 continues NW out of Kingman and soon enters the Lake Mead area. The canyon which has been cut over the eons by the Colorado River is stark in comparison to the desert, and even harder to photograph.

There a nasty section of road approaching and past the Hoover Dam where the winds really whip around and high-profile vehicles have to be very careful. I've driven that section with my old trailer and didn't enjoy it. The road also becomes more of a local road through Boulder City, but it offers a worthwhile stop to look at Lake Mead. That reservoir of fresh water is the only way so many people can live in an area where they have absolutely no business being.

The rest of my day was a high speed drive into, through and north of Las Vegas. US93 is joined with I-515 and I-15 through the metro area, but will soon strike out on its own going north along the eastern edge of Nevada... Stay tuned!

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