Saturday, November 11, 2017

US93: First & Last Chance At The Border

Happy and I had a leisurely morning in Whitefish, visiting with fellow human and canine travelers. After coffee and breakfast, we set out on US93 for the final stint to the border. The sky was heavily overcast so the photos are a bit lame, but the road was clear and we had a nice 60 mile drive.

After passing through a few small logging towns, we reached the border and took our requisite photos. It's a significant border crossing, open 24 hours, and there is a pretty steady stream of traffic.

Despite the large number of signs at the border crossing, one sign was not to be seen anywhere. You guessed it, once again there is no "End" sign!

I suppose I can cut them some slack because US93 continues across the border as Canada93, so it's almost like it hasn't ended. I think that's pretty lame, of course, but it is what it is.

One sign that is very prominent announces the presence of an epic establishment.

I had the place to myself while I had a burger and watched football on TV. The proprietor and I struck up a brief conversation, but I mostly sat and ate on my own.

After that, I took the "end of route" photo of my truck and we drove back to Whitefish.

US93 is a good highway and I'm glad to have driven its length. Although it doesn't pass through as many attractions as other highways -- such as its cousin to the east US191 -- driving from the desert of Arizona, through the Great Basin, onto the Idaho plateau and into the snow-capped peaks of Montana in just a few days has offered a remarkable sense of change in latitude and season.

This road trip has now run 2+ months and I'm ready to wrap it up. From here we will drive our old friend US2 to Spokane then on to the Pacific NW in Washington. Besides settling in for the winter, I have no plans after that... Stay tuned!


Tom Massey said...

Sounds like a glorious adventure!

Writing and Life : Toth said...

Your blogging is sporadic as is my reading of the blog!