Saturday, August 17, 2019

Time For Another Road Trip!

I have some family matters to attend to on the east coast next month, so I've decided to make a road trip out of it. Since I've already driven all of the long-distance US highways in the northern part of the country – (you may not believe my cumulative road trip map when you see it!) – I plan to stick mainly to the interstates on my way east. That said, if the weather holds I may try to drive WA 20 end-to-end from my home in Burlington to north of Spokane. Hopefully it will be after mudslide season, before fire season, and I can finally make it all the way end to end!

After taking care of things in the east, I plan to drop down to Virginia Beach, VA, and begin a coast-to-end drive of US60 to the southwest corner of Arizona where the road now ends. If all goes well, I will drive a quick stint south to the Mexico border in Yuma, AZ, and drive US95 north to the Canada border at Eastport, ID. If you have a ridiculously good memory, you may recall that I planned to drive US95 back in 2014, but shifted to US191 instead.

Altogether, it should be about a 7,500 mile road trip, a proper expedition by any standards. I have no end date in mind, but I'm guessing I'll be back in the Pacific Northwest sometime in October, about two months from now. I'm honestly out of practice being Macgellan, so I don't know how much I'll post, but I will at least log enough to memorialize the voyage!

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