Saturday, September 30, 2006

Logbook: Atlanta

Atlanta1I honestly don’t know where the week has gone. It seems like only yesterday that I was writing to say I would be all caught up by now. I do know what I have been doing, of course... Much of the week has been happily occupied with visiting old friends here in Atlanta, hanging out with my friend Ken and a great deal of “socializing.” Ken is an active member of the Atlanta social scene and has very graciously included me in everything: parties, gallery openings, dinners and other spontaneous social combustions. I have to admit that it’s quite a bit more than I’m used to and I’ve had to start pacing myself!

Atlanta2I have also had a lot of fun spending time alone with Ken’s sons, Max and Jake. They are very enjoyable to be with and are quite entertaining. Between asking a million questions a minute and switching gears every few seconds, they make sure there is never a dull moment. There are a few pictures of them on the Photos page. We spent most of today together while Ken attended a business meeting. A highlight of our day was a trip to The Varsity -- an Atlanta landmark -- which I was pleased to see still serves the singularly most disgusting yet irresistible food on the planet. It hasn’t changed a bit since I started eating there 30 years ago! Although I expect to be in Atlanta for at least another week before heading south toward Costa Rica, I have begun to strategize my route and means. Stand by for details -- and more postings from Atlanta -- as The Voyage of Macgellan continues...

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