Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Logbook: Out Of The iVoid

OutoftheivoidI’m not going to dwell on the “lack of internet” (aka iVoid) problem, except to say that I’ve learned something about being on The Voyage: Sometimes there will be problems with connections and we all -- especially me -- will just have to be patient. With that said, here’s the recap of last week: On Wednesday and Thursday I took the chance to have lunch and visit with some old friends and clients in the Dillsburg area. I happily spent Friday and Saturday volunteering at the annual event of an organization with which my mom has been involved for years, Knitter’s Day Out. This year, over 300 women (and three men) convened for what must be one of the most extraordinary “craft-fests” in the world. I took pictures -- a few of which are in the Photos album -- and performed a variety of other functions such as raking in money at the door, selling merchandise, providing directions for lost participants and doing my best to flirt and otherwise entertain.

Sunday I drove down to Baltimore for the day and had a fabulous visit with Lorena. We toured the Walter’s Art Museum, had lunch at the Inner Harbor, went for ice cream and, of course, did just a little bit of shopping. Lorena is a lovely young lady who is a pleasure to be with, and I was treated to a rare and precious experience of her infectious laugh and robust wit... Thanks, Lorena! Yesterday was my last day on the farm and I helped my dad with a few chores then capped off the day by bagging one last evil woodchuck for old time sake -- One shot, one kill.

This morning I packed up my gear and we drove to Hunt Vally, MD where I had a nice lunch with my folks before they dropped me off at the light rail station -- see photo above -- for my connection to Amtrak in Baltimore. At present I am in a familiar little “roomette” on The Crescent, now ready to call it a night and look forward to waking up in Atlanta where my friend Ken will meet me at the station. He promises to have “wi-fi for days” so I really, really am determined to finish up at least four Reports in the immediate future... Provided, of course, that our usual “Who were those guys?” antics don’t interfere! Stay tuned! The Voyage of Macgellan continues...

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