Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Logbook: New York

Newyork1To title this logbook entry “New York” is a little bit misleading. I was only in the city long enough to change trains last Friday and again this afternoon. I spent the time in between back in my old home town of Port Washington with my dear old “aunt” Evie. One highlight of this visit was the annual “Country Fair” which was held by the historical society to which she belongs. I have vivid memories of the Fair from when I was a kid and it is pretty much what it always was -- A time for local folks to have fun in the context of the history of the area which dates back to the 1600’s. I happily took a bunch of photos which I hope will be the content for an Report.

Newyork2The other highlight was taking a nice drive into Westchester County to visit the grave of Ayn Rand who is a hero of mine and to whom I have long wanted to pay my respects. Besides that, Evie and I had a grand time -- as always! -- doing little chores around her house, taking drives, watching her soap opera, eating huge meals and laughing at each other’s stories. Aside from her somewhat limited mobility, you’d never know that Evie just celebrated her 90th birthday. She is sharp as a tack and has a lively sense of humor! At present I am on Amtrak, headed back for a few more days on the farm with the folks before heading south. I have had a terrible time finding good, stable internet connections so I am determined to park myself back in the Xpresso Cafe in Dillsburg and finally do the “catching up” I have hoped to do for a couple of weeks!

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