Monday, September 25, 2006

Logbook: Gone Racing

Goneracing2No sooner did I get to Atlanta and settle down to do some very overdue iLife than Kenny said, “Pack your gear, we’re going racing!” So off we went to Savannah -- to the Roebling Road race track -- for a weekend of SCCA racing. What an experience! Kenny’s car is a race built ’88 Camaro and he is second in the point standings for the year (Behind a guy whose car -- Kenny is quick to point out -- is at least 300 pounds lighter and substantially more powerful.) Friday was a test day and Kenny got lots of “seat time” in four sessions during which he and his crew -- especially crew chief George -- made many adjustments to prepare the car for racing. Saturday was qualifying and the race was yesterday. Kenny was delighted to finish in second place and win a medal for the season. I shot a ton of photos and have put just a few of them in the Photos page. We got back to Atlanta late last night and I have spent the day in iLife (as you can tell by the new Reports that are finally available). As soon as I get caught up on a few more postings I will put together a full racing Report -- including some outstanding in-car video that I was able to get thanks to George who let me attach a camera mount in “his” car. My trusty -- and now fully shock-tested -- Canon S2IS camera performed great and you will feel like you are in the car when you see the video! Look forward to some of the best stuff yet from Atlanta as The Voyage of Macgellan continues...

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