Saturday, June 20, 2009


For the past few days I've been motoring across Montana, a drive which I imagine many folks could justifiably find tedious. I've thoroughly enjoyed the vast expanses of prairie being intermixed with similar expanses of farmland, the occasional farmhouse and the even less frequent small town. I've stopped at all manner of little stores, eaten in fantastic little diners and pulled over in the middle of nowhere just to enjoy the extraordinary views, space and quiet.

As enjoyable as it has been, though, I was ready for something different to look at when I pulled into the semi-significant town of Glasgow and saw this plane sitting on a pedestal in front of a tidy looking little museum. "Dinosaur Bones to Moon Walk" just demanded that I check it out.

Well, maybe not so much, but there sure were a lot of stuffed heads looking down at me from the walls! Next stop, North Dakota!

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