Friday, June 12, 2009

Smack-Down in Cashmere

The little town of Cashmere, WA, is home to the purveyors of world-famous Aplets & Cotlets. I've always wanted to stop there for a look-see, and this road trip seemed like the perfect opportunity. What I wasn't expecting was the "smack-down" that ensued between two of my traveling buddies from Archie McPhee.

It all started out so well with an interesting and informative tour of the Aplets & Cotlets production facility, followed by a thorough, personal and very entertaining tour of the retail store.

I bought a few samples and returned to my rig, where I was forced to referee quite a ruckus that had ensued between Mr. Bacon and Monsieur Tofu.

Apparently, the lads had taken it upon themselves to argue the merits of Aplets & Cotlets, with Monsieur Tofu taking the vegetarian position and Mr. Bacon claiming outrage at the absence of any pork-product.

I'm afraid I had to rule this one in favor of Monsieur Tofu.

Just down the street, however, was Country Boy's BBQ where a huge bronze pig adorns the entry way. It was clear there would be no peace in my life unless we stopped there, so that Mr. Bacon could have his own victory in the battle of food stuffs.

Thus, the smack-down in Cashmere ended in a 1-1 tie… Stay tuned!

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