Monday, June 21, 2010

Haul Road - Coldfoot Camp

Coldfood Camp is a remnant from the pipeline constructions days, when it -- and a number of other camps -- housed the thousands of workers who built not only the pipeline but the Haul Road itself. Coldfoot is near the half-way point, and was left here (I'm told) as a mid-trip service center -- perhaps oasis -- for truckers and travelers to and from Prudhoe Bay. There are always a number of large trucks parked in the huge lot.

The big rigs generally have immense fuel tanks that are sufficient for the round trip, but for the rest of us Coldfoot is an important fuel stop. I also found a small dog yard, though I have no idea how they may be employed.

As you might imagine, construction worker lodgings are spartan affairs, and these have not been improved since their original use. My faithful Mac is doing his best to provide us with some entertainment, but it is still pretty modest accommodation.

A cold beer did little to sway Rob into finding the place idyllic, though I suspect that he was partly bummed out about not getting to meet Lisa, his favorite "Ice Road Trucker." We leave early in the morning to continue north... Stay tuned!

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