Monday, June 07, 2010

Kenai: Seldovia

We decided to mix some touristy stuff into our outdoor theme today, and started with a water-taxi ride across the bay to Seldovia. We made an unexpected but enjoyable stop along the way at a tiny, remote island so a guy from the power company could read the meter at the only cabin on the island. The cost of the reading had to be as much as the bill!

At the pier near Seldovia, we got a ride into town from a local guy who is just as loony as they come around here. I thought Marty was going to bust a gut trying to keep from laughing! Seldovia is pretty much a dump, frankly, despite being the chain saw sculpture capital of the world. (If you're in the area, you're far better off visiting the truly charming and delightful Halibut Cove instead.) The best I could do in Seldovia was get thrown in jail.

We took a short plane ride back across the bay, augmented by a very nice fly-over of some nearby glaciers. Thankfully, the pilot was a normal guy!

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