Thursday, June 24, 2010

Haul Road - Return

Driving back down the Haul Road brought several things into sharp focus for me. First, if you drive the road, you will get to enjoy many, many beautiful vistas along the way.

But along with the beautiful comes the not so pretty. You have to remember that the Haul Road is a working road. It's really there for the trucks to bring equipment and supplies to the oil field. You are a "guest" there, and you have to be patient. Even better, try to be entertained by the amazing assortment of rigs you see go by.

Here are a couple of video clips to illustrate my point:

You'll have your high points, like when your trusty truck takes you boldly over the Atigun Pass. You will also have your low points, like when you have to wait for the driver of the pilot car to put some gas in her tank.

When you get back to Fairbanks, wash your truck. It will be filthy, and the chemicals they put on the road are highly corrosive. So "get after it" immediately, then hurry off before the car wash manager sees what you left behind!

Driving the Haul Road has been a fantastic experience and I am so glad I've done it!

Rob and I are going to hang out in Fairbanks for a couple of days to prepare my Road Rig to leave Alaska and make the long drive down the AlCan highway... Stay tuned!

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