Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Haul Road - Day 2

We continued from Coldfoot early this morning, on what ended up feeling like an endless day of driving. There was vista after vista, but after a while it all started to blur together. The day was made more endless by the frequent and often lengthy waits we encountered for construction, equipment, pilot cars, etc. We often resorted to keeping ourselves entertained by playing TV shows from my iPod on the truck's dash monitor. That helped a bit, but not a lot.

A high point -- literally -- was crossing over the Atigun Pass to which the road is very steep on both sides. It was a bit "sporty" in mid-summer, and I can see how it could be treacherous in winter. On the other side, we spilled out onto a pretty flat plain and barren road. Again, we frequently had to slow or stop, often for caribou crossing.

After not seeing any wildlife on our entire first day, we were delighted to finally see some. Next stop, Prudhow Bay!

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