Wednesday, May 21, 2014

US Hwy 70: Durant, OK!

I took advantage of the cool morning to give Happy a thorough walkabout, knowing full well that she would spend most of the day laying around in either the air conditioned truck or in the shade under my camper. We then went to the local Ford dealer where my truck got a routine service and Happy got ample attention from everyone in the shop. She sure can turn on the charm when she wants to!

Historic downtown Durant is a pretty typical hodgepodge of semi-renovated old shops, evidence that most of the city's commerce takes place in the newer surrounding sprawl. One oddity downtown is what's claimed to be the world's largest peanut, but is actually a cast metal sculpture. Since it's only about 3 feet long, I'm guessing it also isn't the largest peanut sculpture in the world, almost certainly eclipsed by something belonging to a corporate peanut entity. Still, every town gets to have its fun.

A few miles to the northwest, Fort Washita is an interesting site. Originally founded to protect relocated southeastern US native americans from the plains tribes who didn't appreciate their arrival, the fort later became an important stopping point for settlers moving west and gold rushers returning east. Add to that a mixed bag of roles during the Civil War and you've got a pretty interesting story.

To be technically correct, Washita was a "post" not a "fort" due to its lack of a fortress wall. The site is mostly only foundation stones and few ruins, but there are also a couple of preserved/restored log buildings. I was the only visitor there so I had an excellent private tour of the museum, then Happy and I wandered the grounds at length, our own little rendition of dances with wolves.

On the way back to town I passed what is obviously a pipeline constructions site.

I stopped to check it out but was given a pretty clear brush-off, suspected perhaps of being some anti-pipeline radical rather than just a guy who likes to see cool stuff.

That experience did serve to tune my eyes, however, to the presence of many obvious pipelines in the area.

Sadly, I cannot report what this pipeline will carry or the direction it will flow.

I can report that agriculture operations are in full swing around here, with mowers and rakes working everywhere you look!

It's well into the heat of the day and Happy is sleeping under my camper. When things cool down a bit we'll do the evening routine of walk-eat-walk-sleep. Tomorrow is chore day, then it's back on the road on Friday... Stay tuned!

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Les Trachtman said...

Might the pipe be for Flash Boys south?