Sunday, May 04, 2014

US Hwy 70: SYLO or ATYG?

I got a bit of a lethargic start out of Nashville this morning. No particular reason, just that kind of morning. The road west was nice, but nothing special. So I just rolled along US Hwy 70 West.

I stopped for lunch in a typical small town, after which I was even less energetic. I checked my book for a place in the area to stop at and saw a very small listing for a "marina and campground." For some reason it sounded good. A few minutes down a country road I pulled in, checked in, and found myself parked right next to a very peaceful little lake, with my own private gazebo.

So, is it SYLO (Sometimes You Luck Out) or ATYG (Always Trust Your Gut)? Dunno, but color me happy for the night... Stay tuned!

Click here to see exactly where I am posting this from on Google Maps.

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