Monday, September 23, 2019

US60: Crossing Middle Virginia

Fair warning: Driving US60 west through Norfolk, Hampton and Newport News is a challenging exercise in road sign following. Even with all my experience, I still missed a couple of turns and had to backtrack.

I think the problem stems from all the waterways, naval facilities, railways, etc. in the area, each of which seems to require a set of quick, unexpected turns. Whatever the reason, be prepared for a challenge.

Thankfully, the road starts to open up when you hit Williamsburg, and becomes a decent little roadway.

I have been to Williamsburg before, so I wasn't highly motivated to stop there. I was thoroughly discouraged when I saw how built up the area is, and had no trouble continuing on to Richmond.

A relatively low-drama transit of the Virginia state capital is followed by a mind-numbing number of miles along a heavily stop-lighted suburban arterial. Just about the time you're ready to loose your mind, you cross the western beltway and are quickly on a thoroughly delightful country highway.

Continuing west, the road increasingly rolls over the gentle foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains ahead. An unexpected treat is a tidy little wayside honoring Robert E. Lee and a historic moment.

There isn't any additional information on offer, but it's a nice place to take a breath after the urban congestion you've been through.

A few miles down the road, there is a cut-off for nearby Appomattox Court House, which I will post about next.

Eventually, US60 climbs up the Blue Ridge Mountains, crosses under my old friend the Blue Ridge Parkway, and descends into Lexington, VA, where I have stopped for the night.

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