Monday, September 30, 2019

US60: Northern Oklahoma

Yesterday was a long but uneventful day on the road. An hour west of Springfield, MO, we crossed into northern Oklahoma and began a 200+ mile run on good, not great, roads to Enid, OK.

Unless you've driven across the US, it is hard to imagine the vast expanses you encounter along the way. I could offer you dozens of photos from yesterday, but they all look pretty much the same:

One thing that's noteworthy is the variety of small towns you pass through at fairly regular intervals. While almost all show signs of being depressed and depopulated, they do so to different degrees. Some show signs of persisting, while others seem like they've just about given up the fight.

After three straight days of driving, Happy and I were ready for our regular "day off' from the road. I was hopeful about spending it here in Enid, OK, because of several amusements on offer that seemed appealing. Sadly, they are all closed on Mondays, so I'm not sure we'll be able to enjoy much diversion.

Nevertheless, we will enjoy some relaxation, catching up with ourselves, resetting our gear and generally preparing for the next lengthy stints... Stay tuned!

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