Saturday, August 25, 2012

US Hwy 30: Baker City River Walk

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that the Powder River runs right through downtown Baker City. Well, it turns out there's a river walk alongside it from the south end of town all the way north to near my campground.

The trail is a memorial to Leo Adler, the town's benefactor whose Victorian house I toured yesterday. It's a nice feature for the town and obviously fairly well used.

The weather was perfect again today, so I made the stroll and stopped about midway to check out the town's annual car show taking place in the town park about half way.

Here's a photo especially for my mom:

From there, I went all the way to the southern end then returned via historic Main Street and a coffee shop. In other words, I've had a very nice day moving around without driving. I'm enjoying everything about this place and may just hang out for another day tomorrow... Stay tuned!

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