Friday, August 10, 2012

US Hwy 30: Neb-grass-ka

Continuing west today, I crossed the line where cornfields gave way to grassland. It wasn't an abrupt line, but it was a noticeable change within the span of about an hour on the road. Notably, it correlates pretty closely with the change in time zones. At the risk of over-simplifying, I've moved from mid-west farming to western ranching. I've also been climbing the steppes as you can see in this photo, gaining almost two thousand feet for the day.

I've stopped for the night in Sidney, Nebraska, almost at the western border. Unlike my normal "family run" campground, I'm staying in what is much more of a "corporate" campground. That immense building you see behind my road rig is the massive flagship store of Cabela's.

Having a campground on site is a good idea. People have to travel long distances out here to get to the store, and having an RV park so handy makes it much easier for folks to make their shopping trip. It's an excellent facility, with full hook-ups, cable TV and blazing fast internet all included. There are even corrals for horses! I give a tip of the hat to Cabela's for smart thinking.

And what a store! The main hall is so huge it easily holds a three story tall mountain-scape with dozens of different stuffed game on display. I spent about an hour looking around the place and have concluded that if Cabela's doesn't have it, you probably don't need it!

Tomorrow, I'm going to drive another hundred miles west on US Hwy 30 to Cheyenne, Wyoming. From there I plan to make a little detour down to Fort Collins to visit with friends and check up on Charlie, the horse we delivered there a little over a month ago… Stay tuned!

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Springfire said...

that is an awesome store you will have fun exploring there