Tuesday, August 21, 2012

US Hwy 30: Mid-Idaho

For the first hour or so from Montpelier, US Hwy 30 continues generally northwest as a proper highway in its own right. Trees are still pretty sparse, but the land is arable and evidence of wheat farming shows up for the first time. It's a pleasant, rolling-hill drive with modest traffic.

Soon after, US 30 is once again subsumed into the Interstate system, first into I-15 to Pocatello, then I-86 west until it merges into I-84. The road is your basic, no-frills, high-speed affair, with little to recommend it as you traverse another windy, dusty, barren landscape.

Just about at the point where the road crosses the Snake River, our beloved US Hwy 30 once again deviates slightly to parallel the interstate a few miles to the south. In this region, the landscape is quite arable, showing a pretty good mix of wheat, corn, soy, alfalfa and, of course, potatoes. It's funny how the little things -- in this case just a bit of variety in the flora -- can make a big difference!

I've stopped in Twin Falls, a city of fewer than fifty thousand, near the edge of a massive Snake River canyon. I will stay here tomorrow and hope to get a few photos… Stay tuned!

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Mom said...

Remember the Hells Canyon cruise on the snake I. The jet boat. Now you can look down on the river instead of up at the bluffs... Fun!