Saturday, August 11, 2012

US Hwy 30: Into Wyoming

It was chilly enough this morning that it felt good to put on a light jacket, and I started driving under overcast skies with strong cross winds. My road rig is very stable, but it does present enough of a broadside that heavily gusting wind can put sufficient sideways pressure on it to be felt in the steering. So, I took it easy on the road and covered the last fifty miles of western Nebraska.

The crossing into Wyoming is heralded only by a small sign, and without any noticeable change in the roadway or ambience. One of the things I like about my cross-country driving expeditions is getting to experience the subtle but continuous change of environment. The change from Nebraska into Wyoming is practically unnoticeable, but it's a huge shift from the beaches of Atlantic City!

About fifty miles into the state, I approached the capital city of Cheyenne, where I began a fifty mile detour south to Fort Collins, Colorado. I have positioned myself here for a few days to visit with friends and check up on my favorite horse!… Stay tuned!

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