Saturday, August 18, 2012

US Hwy 30: Into Idaho

For the first 40 miles west from Rock Springs, US Hwy 30 continues to be subsumed into I-80. The geology is interesting is places, but mostly it's just a dry, dusty, windy drive.

Finally, for the first time since Chicago -- 1,250 miles ago! -- US Hwy 30 deviates substantially from the interstate, the former heading northwest toward Idaho where the latter swings southwest toward Utah. It's still a pretty lonely road, but it's in very good shape compared to what it has been. The scenery quickly improves, even giving some hint of green in my future!

Before long, fairly thriving little towns appear -- each an appealing green oasis -- in stark contrast to the nearly abandoned towns I've gone through over the past few weeks. This is clear evidence that US Hwy 30 is a proper road in its own right again, no longer the poor step-child of the interstate.

I've stopped just across the Idaho border in the small town of Montpelier, where I have a campsite right alongside a pleasant little creek with cool running water in it. It's feeling quite likely that I'll stay here for a couple of days to enjoy being out of the desert… Stay tuned!

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Mom said...

I see the town website lists a number of activities for last April... Some may be repeated in 2013 if you decide to stay that long