Wednesday, August 08, 2012

US Hwy 30: Grains, Trains and Automobiles

I haven't given you a road picture in a few days, so here you go: Grains, trains and automobiles!

Suffice it to say that US Hwy 30 is remaining consistent in condition and ambiance. It's an amazing road, and despite its challenges I am thoroughly enjoying and benefitting from my travel on it.

Seriously, don't you have to just love driving through a town whose big claim to fame is that it's on the 100th meridian?

Between my lengthy visit to Pioneer Village this morning and my stop at the Archway Monument this afternoon, I didn't have much time left for driving. So, I've made it a short day and stopped in Gothenburg, Nebraska... Stay tuned!

Click here to see exactly where I am posting this from on Google Maps.

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