Thursday, April 24, 2014

US Hwy 70: Asheville, NC

I can see why Asheville has a reputation for being such a nice little city. The compact downtown area is crammed full with all manner of shops, restaurants, bars, music clubs, etc. A microcosm of this is the Grove Arcade which houses a broad array of retail establishments with outdoor street entrances.

Inside, the three-story atrium gives access to retail shops on the ground floor and professional spaces above. I think there are even apartments on the top floor, for those who love downtown living.

Like all of the city, it is very clean, tidy and inviting.

I asked many people if they liked living here and the unanimous answer was that they love it.

There's a clear sense of pride in the city, echoed in a ubiquitous theme of shopping locally.

It's nice to spend time in a happy, vibrant place with a sense of shared community.

It's also nice -- and fun -- to be in a place that is clearly dog-friendly and takes its coffee seriously.

Speaking of coffee-friendly, how's this for a coffee joint! It's one of Asheville's landmarks and well worth a visit. I recommend a double espresso machiatto!

Immediately around the downtown core is a variety and range of neighborhoods, generally nestled in or on the local hills. Further out, there is a some sprawl that feels a little sketchy in parts.

I've had a nice couple of days here and could see coming back for a longer visit sometime, but the Smoky Mountains are calling my name. I'm ready for some time in the woods and plan to continue northwest on US70 tomorrow... Stay tuned!

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Lynn said...

You two cannot leave Asheville without getting yourself a jar of apple butter from The Moose!!